Artist Statement   藝術家自述

Coco Huang was born in Taiwan and grew up partly in Canada. She is an artist, believer, and maker living between Taichung and Vancouver.


As a Taiwanese Vancouverite who has traveled extensively around the world, spontaneous encounters and indescribable experiences are most valuable to Coco. She collects these special moments and transform them into something of her own. Her art is inspired by the complex emotions that make us human. Joy, grief, uncertainty, gratification and the search for meaning are focal points of her work.

Coco's work has several goals. One is to engage her audience to reflect on their own identities within their communities. Another is to instill an awareness in audiences of their bodies in relation to others, as well as connecting with their innermost feelings. She incorporates cultural and spiritual motifs in some of her mixed media work such as her ongoing Mandala series.


Coco enjoys playing with the titles of her work,  giving a glimpse into the messages of her work without giving too much away. She hopes to inspire others to be their authentic self and live creatively.

Coco是一位出身於台灣,留學於加拿大的藝術家,創作者以及追夢人。目前分別在溫哥華和台中生活和創作。對她來說,旅行是她作品主要的靈感來源。在旅途過程中,每件不期而遇卻又充滿驚奇的收穫,以及難以形容的旅程回憶是她作品的聚焦點。 從這些無可替代的回憶裡,細心的編織在人類的複雜情感中,以此去重新界定生命的意義與人性的本質。